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Dec 11, 2012 6:00am EST
real ground. on a road trip yesterday, president obama indicated that he is willing to compromise, just not on that point about an increase in tax for relthy americans. meantime, speaker boehner says he is still waiting on specific spending cuts. joining us now for analysis, tony fratto, of hamilton place strategies and former white house press secretary and gerald bernstein former economic adviser to vice president joe biden. gentlemen, thank you for being here with us and getting this special day of coverage kicked off for us. >> rising early and rising above. >> exactly. let's talk about this. jared, it seems like things have gotten quieter. do you think that's the case? is that a good sign? >> i think it's probably a pretty good sign. if you look at this morning's papers, you see a number of articles suggesting that there's a bit more compromise in the air. my concern is that tomorrow's papers may say the opposite. so interestingly, there's been some pretty leak free discussions going on, which i actually think is a good thing. they're obviously big, outstanding questions. you
Dec 13, 2012 6:00am EST
look at the potential solutions, does obama have a mandate? we asked that question. you see very big numbers, 68% says he has a mandate to cut taxes for people who earn less than 250k. 65% say he has a mandate to raise taxes on the wealthy while cutting spending. both elements are important. and when you ask about eliminating the bush tax cuts for people who make more than 250,000, 59% say he has a mandate to do that. so the president clearly has the whip hand in the negotiations, but, of course, members of congress don't respond to national polls. they're fought elected nationally like the president. they're responding to their districtes and that's why we have a different number to solve. >> i saw a number on nightly last night that was sadly low. we try to make something out of it. who would you blame if we go over? and it was 19 to 24. that was weird, wasn't it? that's where -- >> well, i think in some respects -- >> 19 we plame i think the president and 24% would blame -- that's not very -- that's like 24%? that's all you can get for that? you can't even make a story out of that
Dec 10, 2012 6:00am EST
regulation, obama care, any of that stuff, so fixated on the spending cuts that are coming and the tax increases. that's not going to be an issue for foreign investment? this is still the best place? we can get through all of these -- this regulatory environment, this increase so much and it's going to continue to -- >> look for all the regulatory challenges that we have, we still have the most transparency, the clearest rule of law, the most proven record of succession of power of anywhere in the world. >> yeah. >> so the confidence level can be there. in terms of being fixated on tax increases, i think senators have been very clear about that. the proposed tax increases are actually pretty small in the scope of the overall program that we're talking about. >> let me just, and i appreciate the work, frits, that you and others are doing. i've met with members of the fix the debt coalition and the advocacy that you're providing for a balanced plan. but we've encouraged members of your coalition to do is to impress upon the white house the importance of acountriesing entitlements. the pr
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3